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TECH Clients

A Case for Kindness

July 23, 2020

She wasn’t looking for a long-term career, but Chara Kemerling found that and more when she began working at TECH in 2008.

“I have my degree in anthropology and archaeology. I was looking for a temporary job, but here I am. I love my clients. And my coworkers are like family. We’re working toward a common goal of helping clients. It’s not just a job.”

Chara is a Service Coordinator for the Case Management department, a dedicated team that helps clients and their families navigate their available resources.

“We’re advocates. We help write plans and goals, and mediate problems to help our clients get the things they need. We cover everything from making sure they have food, clothes and housing, to behavioral health and setting them up with the doctors they need. We work with insurance companies, food assistance programs, vocational rehabilitation, you name it. There’s not much we don’t do.”

One client that Chara serves is Julie, a young woman who’s overcome many challenges and continues to grow with access to new resources and support.

“Julie is very kind, loving, and friendly. She’s had some very difficult family and medical issues that we’re addressing, but compared to when she first came to us, she’s doing really, really well.”

Through the help of TECH’s diligent case management department, Julie was able to get the proper care for her seizure condition.

“When Julie started with us, her meds weren’t right. She couldn’t walk, talk, or feed herself. Now, she’s with different seizure doctors, and doing really well. She lives in one of our residential communities, and considers her roommates as friends.”

Now in an enviroment where she’s loved and cared for with her needs being properly met, Julie is thriving.

“Julie didn’t have much social engagement beforehand, and didn’t have opportunities to socialize or go to school. Here, she has the opportunity to learn about friendship. Things are much better for her now. For us, it’s all about building relationships with people. It’s all about kindness.”