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TECH Clients

Police Officer Makes Our Day!

June 7, 2021

There were a lot of smiles and excitement at TECH’s ALS yesterday afternoon as we had a visit from Officer Thad Pickard with the Hutchinson Police Department. He handed out some gold $1 coins that had been given to him earlier in the day by a gentleman that was dying and and it was requested that he give the coins to others as a way to make people’s day.

Officer Pickard drove by TECH and saw several of our clients sitting in front of the building and stopped to share the joy. Much to their delight, he gave everyone a sticker badge and pulled his vehicle in front of the building with his lights flashing. Officer Pickard was very courteous, respectful, & personable and made everyone’s day!

Yesterday was science experiment day at the ALS and Officer Pickard observed as “elephant toothpaste” was created through a chemical reaction with baking soda, yeast, and vinegar. We also did a Skittles watercolor activity.