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TECH Clients

TECH Celebrates Client Recognition

March 13, 2023

For the first time since 2019, TECH was able to celebrate our annual Client Recognition Night in person! This is an evening where we look back at the previous year and celebrate years of service with TECH as well as outstanding achievements for the people we serve.

This year, we recognized over 60 individuals for their time with TECH as well as personal growth in the following categories; Independence, Creativity, Self-Worth and Connection (all four are Pillars here at TECH).

A special thanks to Jason Younger for emceeing our event for the 24th year as well as board members, Tasha Erickson and Denny Stoecklein, for helping to present our awards!

2023 Special Category Honorees


Living and working as independently as they are able

  • Robert Rose –Robert has been working super hard helping at the KDOT location as well as the link. Robert is also fluent in all of the contracts that we handle at the TECH Work Center. On the side, Robert also has a lawn mowing and lawn mower repair business. Congratulations, Robert!
  • Paul Isenberg – Paul is very independent and very well organized he always has a positive attitude also has an amazing work ethic. Whenever you see Paul, he is working away! He takes great pride in being able to do things independently. He knows his schedule and he know what needs to be done and at what time. He is always seen smiling at while working at home and at the TC. Congratulations, Paul!
  • Kaitlyn Kile –Kaitlyn has always shown strength in what she does and knows that she is capable of many things. She knows that if she needs help, she can ask for assistance, but is able to try things on her own. She has lived in her own apartment with her dog for a while, living her preferred lifestyle. She has held her volunteer position at the Zoo since 2020 and has enjoyed that experience. Kaitlyn has grown so much in her independence and is making great strides to continue that growth. Congratulations, Kaitlyn!


Feel productive through meaningful work, engaging activities, and opportunities to learn new skills

  • Allyn Amyx –Allyn has been a TECH client for many years. Recently, Allyn has really come out of his shell and has been participating more in activities with his peers. This has taken a lot of courage for Allyn and he has shown tremendous growth by accepting invitations, including the All TECH BBQ and a Christmas Eve lunch with friends. He has also started working at the TECH Work Center, including having lunch there with his friends. We are so proud at how much Allyn has grown over the last year.
  • Ronda Wait –Ronda had a recent home relocation and while it was challenging, she has done her best to settle in and make the most of her new surroundings. She has worked hard to get to know the staff and her housemates. Ronda takes pride in the work she does at the TECH Work Center and is always willing to try to help. Congratulations, Ronda!
  • Julie Cody –Julie has made so much progress in the past two years to engage in a positive way with all staff and her peers. She has so much love and good will in her heart. She is eager to make friends and to interact with everyone she sees each day. Congratulations, Julie!
  • Alyssa Mills – Alyssa has started taking on more responsibilities while at home. She has been sweeping and helping with folding the houses’ clean laundry. When she is in the right mood, she loves to assist with small tasks during meal preparation. She is working to follow verbal prompts while doing tasks. She has been trying to help her housemates with making their beds and putting away their clean clothes. Alyssa is quite the caretaker and can sense when her housemates are not feeling well and does what she can to assist in taking care of them. Congratulations, Alyssa!


Finding fulfillment through creative expression

  • Lisa DeVault –Lisa enjoys showing off her creativity to others. Being able to express that through paintings at the Art Studio has been something important to Lisa. She loves that she can showcase her art to others, especially since her art can be an outlet to how she is feeling in the moment. Lisa takes pride in her accomplishments in art, and we are so proud of her as well. Congratulations, Lisa.
  • Stan Balman – Stan is very creative at home with coloring and doing some painting by number at home. Stan shows us how proud he is of his artwork and enjoys showing everyone when he is working on something new. In the Art Studio, Stan takes great care in his work. He is always eager and willing to learn new skills and is extremely patient with what can be very tedious processes. That has proven to be beneficial in the quality of work that Stan continues to produce. He is an absolute joy to work with and to simply be around. Congratulations, Stan.
  • Jeremy Stewart – Jeremy is always excited to talk about the new art adventures he is starting in the Art Studio. He explains in detail the techniques he is using and the color spectrum he sees unfolding for each project. Talking about his paintings will light him up and he is so proud and happy to be doing special pieces of artwork for friends and community individuals. We enjoy watching you continue to grow in your artwork and can’t wait to see what your next creations. Congratulations, Jeremy.


Having loving relationships with family through every transition, enjoying friendships with peers and caring staff, and be a valued member of the Hutchinson community

  • Patricia Henson –Trish has been able to foster a connection, not only with staff, but with her peers as well. She loves to spend time with her housemates and staff, jamming to music. She enjoys going into A Space at the ALS to spend time with her peers, even connecting with her peers that don’t always socialize well. She loves her bus ride home, laughing with her friend Patrick.
    Trish shows her connection and love through asking for hugs and laughing when staff “injure” themselves. Trish’s verbalizations all have strong meaning for her and those who care for her. One of the staff who care for her said, “She and I have connected through a shared love of bad 80’s music, blaring Michael Jackson all through Wal-Mart.” She loves to spend time connecting with her favorite peers at the ALS, and has made friends that span age, gender, and ability lines. Congratulations, Trish!
  • Crystal Naugle –Crystal has many friends at the Training Center. She is also involved in the Community Council meeting that meets quarterly with the CDDO, area providers, guardians, and other individuals served on the I/DD waiver, to discuss state laws, and areas of concern with I/DD waiver services. Congratulations, Crystal!
  • Cassandra Compton –Cassie and Crystal have a great connection! They are like 2 peas in a pod and are always lifting each other’s spirits and being good role models for one another. Cassie is a hard worker at the training center and is always willing to help where needed. Cassie is also very active in her church and help teach vacation bible school in the summer. Cassie is very committed to her work and to anything that she puts her mind to. She is very faithful and compassionate. When you become a friend of Cassie’s you will be a lifelong friend to her. Congratulations, Cassie!

Maurice F. Cummings Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to individuals who have continued to exhibit and demonstrate perseverance and determination in view of challenging obstacles.

Bret Lambert was our 2023 Maurice F. Cummings Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Independence – Bret has always taken great pride in being able to work independently. At B Street he was the guy when it came to fed ex bags, he knew exactly how to do the bags and tie tapes. If was never afraid to tell you that you have done your job wrong. He would go get the bags and make you redo them or he would get them and hold on to them to redo later.

Self-worth – he had the ability to do anything he wanted to do and the ambition to. He loves people for who they are and is always very respectful to everyone.

Connection – Bret has made so many friends. He makes a connection with everyone he meets, from some of his favorite family members to his staff and roommates. He has stories about all of his friendships and if you ask him he will generally say “ I know him”

Creativity – he always finds a way to get done what he needs done.

Community Partner Honorees

Brad and Diana Johnson
2023 Good Neighbor Award

Dillons Food Stores
2023 Community Partner Award

The Sleep Shoppe and Furniture Gallery
2023 Community Partner Award

Cornerstone Family Dental
2023 President’s Award

Congratulations to all of our honorees!