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Meet Vince Kinast: Cultivating Friendship and Community at TECH

January 29, 2024

Since 1994, Vincent Kinast has been a valued member of the TECH community, where he has not only received support but has also become an integral part of the fabric of the organization. Affectionately known as Vince, he embodies the spirit of camaraderie and inclusivity that TECH stands for.

Vince’s journey with TECH began over two decades ago, a testament to the lasting bond he shares with the organization. What sets Vince apart and makes him truly remarkable is his ability to be everyone’s buddy. His infectious charisma, coupled with his genuine warmth, makes him a magnet for friendship. Whether it’s sharing a joke, lending a listening ear, or simply brightening someone’s day with his presence, Vince exudes an aura of friendliness that is hard to resist.

Within TECH and the Hutchinson community, Vince actively participates in various activities, including Special Olympics basketball and golf. These endeavors not only showcase his athleticism but also serve as avenues for him to forge connections and foster a sense of community.

In his downtime, Vince loves playing golf and basketball, spending quality time with his family, and doting on his two beloved Great Danes. These activities not only bring him joy but also reflect his deep-seated values of companionship and family.

Reflecting on his growth over the years, it is evident that Vince has made significant strides, particularly in his interpersonal skills. While he may have encountered challenges in the past when working with certain individuals, he has since evolved into someone who can collaborate openly and harmoniously with virtually anyone—a testament to his resilience and determination.

“Vince is funny, talkative, friendly, and a huge prankster,” says Nathan Porter, Work Services Manager. “Vince’s love for life and great sense of humor make him so fun to be around!”

Family, his dogs, earning money, a passion for cars, and involvement in the Special Olympics are among the things that mean the most to Vince. All of these not only provide him with a sense of purpose but also provide direction and support for him in his daily life.

When pondering which TECH Pillar resonates most with Vince, it is undoubtedly connection. His ability to forge meaningful connections with others underscores the importance of fostering bonds within the community. Vince epitomizes the notion that true fulfillment often stems from the relationships we cultivate and the sense of belonging we derive from them.

Vincent Kinast epitomizes the very essence of what TECH strives to achieve—a community where individuals with developmental disabilities are not only supported but celebrated for their unique talents, contributions, and, above all, their steadfast capacity for friendship and connection.