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Ronda Wait: 41 Years of Empowerment and Growth with TECH

March 8, 2024

For 41 years, TECH has been more than just a service provider for Ronda; it has been a cornerstone of her journey towards empowerment and independence.

Ronda’s journey with TECH began four decades ago, a testament to the enduring impact of the organization in the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her story is one of transformation, from a timid newcomer to a confident and empowered individual, thanks to the support and opportunities provided by TECH.

Ronda’s journey is not just about the passage of time; it’s a narrative of personal growth and empowerment. Through her dedication and hard work, she has become an integral part of TECH’s community, inspiring others with her incredible work ethic and insatiable desire to improve and learn.

Despite facing challenges, Ronda has emerged as an incredible worker, constantly seeking to enhance her abilities and develop new skills. Her sweet and mild nature charms everyone she meets, making her not just an exceptional employee but an amazing person in every sense of the word.

At TECH, Ronda is not just a person that we serve; she is an active participant in a variety of programs tailored to her interests and needs. From attending the Work Center and Adult Learning Services (ALS) to exploring her creative side in the art studio, Ronda embodies the spirit of lifelong learning and exploration.

In her spare time, Ronda indulges in simple pleasures like copying recipes from a cookbook, enjoying TV time with her housemates, and cherishing moments with family and friends. Her journey from being quiet to confident is a testament to her resilience and the power of TECH’s support.

Ronda’s kindness and warmth extend beyond her immediate circle; she strives to make everyone feel welcome in her home, embodying the values of inclusivity and compassion that TECH stands for. Her dedication to her family, friends, and personal belongings reflects her deep sense of self-worth and importance.

As Ronda continues to chart her path towards independence and fulfillment, she serves as an inspiration for all who know her. Her journey with TECH is not just a story of 41 years; it’s a story of empowerment, growth, and the boundless potential of every individual, regardless of their challenges.